Case Studies

Cinema advertising – case study of KFC ad

KFC launched the advertisement Chicken Town, which is a new 60 seconds TV ad based on the pretenders of KFC which are scattered around the high streets across the nation. They try hard but in reality the legion of imitators cannot match the iconic taste of KFC. Digital cinema Media got the responsibility to check how the cinema could engage KFC’s target audience using the impactful creative aspect. The engagement could be done is a prominent manner which can help in driving the concept of quality and drive one’s consideration. The existing creative can be narrated well as the DCM Studios could identify an opportunity for KFC to develop a campaign which has the context of the new major cinema releases. These help drive customers into restaurants by DCM or digital cinema media’s end-frame technology.

The content series was inspired by the popular Hollywood movies launched in 2019 and was run along with them. Examples of such movies include Godzilla, King of Monsters, Spiderman, Far from Home, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Joker, and Last Christmas. Every bit of the content improved the campaign strategy by pushing the audience into the thought that the film would begin soon. The campaign strategy also showed that they were watching an imitation and that the real things were better. Cinemapper is the end-frame planning tool of DCM used to help bring a local centric message to this national campaign. While identifying the KFC site closest to the cinema, DCM added a modified end frame to the ad, directing cinema goers to the place where when the real KFC could be found nearest to their location.

The campaign designed by CM Studios was not merely a creative success but an innovative way of extending the current campaign to the cinema. This led to building of main messages around trust and imitators in a way of fun, contextually relevant manner. This campaign helped in spreading awareness and building impression of the KFC brand and its final consideration as well.