Types Of Movie Advertising
Movie advertising comprises on-screen and off-screen branding which consumers view in theatres. These are in the form of short audio-visual advertisements put before the movie begins to during intervals. They are also put up as posters in refreshment areas of cinema halls. Publicity on screen is popular amongst all socio economic groups of people. This has been most popular form of advertising apart from the use of TV and the launch of videos. This is eventually making such cinema advertisements popular in rural areas now since urban people are also more into watching videos on youtube.

Movie advertising is a very strong medium for advertising. Screen publicity through cinema advertising projects an appeal of life-size presentation of the brands. For displaying advertisements in movie theaters, the advertiser takes responsibility of producing his movie and its distribution. Usually production and exhibition of film can be handled by specialized advertising agencies. When the concept is explained by advertiser, the agency arranges the cinema advertising part by designing or making the ad and determining how it can be presented. Film makers arrange the required activities of planning for the timing and looks for appropriate location and models along with cameramen, editor and other technicians.

Cinema advertising of India puts forth continuous positive and receptive mindset of the class of affluent and engaged audience. Cinema advertising involves precision targeting and continuous innovative possibilities. Brands are showcased in a form that is larger than life. Cinema advertising offers the proper platform on screen and off screen. The advertiser needs to be innovative while conversing with the target audience. The brand’s USP needs to be adequately portrayed on screen. This may include eye-catching promotional material at ticket counter, sampling options at snack counters, rest rooms, lounge area and interaction zones can keep audience engaged along with endless opportunities.

Cinema advertising combined with TV campaigns is more effective. Theatre advertising providing larger than life audio visual display is also equipped with world class sound system. Multiplex advertising is another form of cinema advertising which offers advertisers the scope to reach their target audience in a captive environment free from distractions. Multiplex advertising is eventually growing into a very essential strategic part of the media plan offering high levels of transparency and no problems of logistics.

Some examples of cinema advertising are signage at entrance, ticket counter, standees, seat branding, cut-outs, flyers and pamphlets, branding in elevators, washrooms, snack stalls and activation of kiosk.