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What is film advertising ?
Movies have become the most popular medium for an integrated marketing campaign
Did you know that Cinema Advertising is a powerful and wise way to lead any brand to ultimate success? You may be surprised to know that many of your favourite movies are involved in advertising of powerful brands. In the fiscal year 2020, revenues from in-cinema advertisement amount to 10 billion Indian rupees. In-film advertising is estimated to grow to 19 billion by 2024. You may have noticed the brand approvals during these unique scenes in your favourite movies. Brands skilfully introduce audiences to their products through movies in in-film advertisements. Almost all fans watch their favourite movies while watching their favourite stars with any product.
Then they become interested in that product. It inspires them terribly. Whether it's their favourite actor's costume or their favourite actress' accessory, they are eager to buy it. Thus the demand for a product increases instantly. We all know that nothing can happen today without advertising or promotion. And the brand companies know this very well. In-Film Advertising is reflected in the number of films released around the world. Not only Bollywood, Hollywood is also running fast in this in-film advertising. We see a lot of commercials during the movie. Many times these ads cannot be skipped. So many people see ads as part of the movie experience.
Movies have become the most popular medium for an integrated marketing campaign. Promoting products through movies from print, radio, television and other mediums is much more profitable. This is because it can double or triple the effect of other media. Movies provide a perfect marketing environment that becomes a comfort and acceptance to the consumer. This is perfect for covering any message about any product. Cinema media reaches a huge number of viewers every month. Advertising through movies is four times more effective than advertising on television. Through in-film advertising, product related messages reach the target consumers. This impresses and engages the audience very effectively.
How it started ?
How did product placement in bollywood movies start ?
  • New technology and availability of new media and tools along with increased aspirations of middle income group, the advertisement industry has evolved largely. There is a race to attract, build and offer more value and retain customers.
  • Product Placement is a strong marketing tool and helps increase brand awareness. Nielsen Media Research has shown that product placement in television shows can raise brand awareness by 20%.
  • Product placement in media content pushes up brand awareness and increases affinity for brands. It also encourages prospective buyers.
  • Movies are a popular advertising medium. We all know how movie advertising has progressed over the years. One of the earliest films used in film advertising in India was Fridge Lang's film M (published 1931). This includes a scene from Rigley's PK Chewing Gum, which lasts for about 20-30 seconds.
  • When we think of in-film branding it also refers to introduce a movie clip in an advertisement or introduce some celebrities in a short movie to promote a product.
  • We have seen such product placement in bollywood movies in India since 1970
  • Various famous products were presented in Hindi movies of that time. Such as the yellow 'Rajdoot' bike in the movie "Bobby". This affected the psychology of the audience and affects consumer behaviour.
  • In recent times, in-film branding is the rising trend in marketing a product.

However, the first recognized covert advertising in India was the advertisement of "Pepsi" from the movie "Taal" in 1999.

What are the advantages
of film advertising ?
Movie advertising promotes your brand by delivering your brand message to the viewers
The Indian cinema advertising market is projected to grow at a CAGR of above 25% by 2023, mainly owing to the large number of multiplexes across India.

Movie Advertising in India is a powerful and wise way to reach the target people in your area. Movie advertising promotes your brand by delivering your brand message to the audience. Movie ads from other advertising media offer a variety of benefits to make your brand many times stronger. Movie advertising takes effective steps to start a great ROI (return on investment) for your product. This goes a lot with in-film branding to promote the high end products and services. In-film advertising helps determine more viewers for the product of a brand.

Here is some top benefits in-film advertising:

1. Achieve target audience
Movie Advertising offers you a huge premium captive audience in India. This helps your product to target thousands of viewers in a very short time. In-film branding introduces your brand to new potential consumers. As a result, the popularity and sales volume of your product increases.

2. Extreme psychological effects
Movie ads help create the ultimate psychological impact on your target audience with the best images combined with speed, colour and sound. It builds people's interest in your brand and multiplies lead generation.

3. Broaden your brand
Movie advertising introduces your product to a wide range of people in India. It introduces your brand to new audiences and increases sales volume. Such an advertising medium in the form of in-film ads provides a great platform to convey your brand message to a large audience. This helps people to better understand your brand and build interest.

4. Visual medium
Cinema or in-film advertisement provides you with a visual podium. You can present in-film branding by making interesting video ads of your brand in form of slides or your product messages through popular celebrities. A visible creative attractive ad has a positive impact on your business. Introducing your product through popular celebrities increases people's confidence in your brand and their tendency to make purchase.

5. The visitor cannot ignore the product
There are several significant benefits to in-film branding. This happens when your product is presented in the film it becomes a part of the film. As a result, viewers cannot ignore the product. In other advertising mediums, visitors may miss or skip the advertisement of your product. So the amount of purchase of your product increases manifold.

What we do ?
How do we help In-Cinema Advertising ?

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In-film advertisement leads to effective branding in the digitized world people are more likely to view online in-film ads more than print and other forms of advertisements. Come with us to an ever expanding world of in-film branding through video based advertisements. Branded content makes up 32% of total budgets in marketing, advertising, and communications.

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